OK, just left school, spent life savings on a new system, got a job, now I have some money.

My question is: Keep my GF2 MX or upgrade?

My budget could stretch to a GF3, but that'd take 2 months. I can get a Asus GTS for 118. Kyro 2s look good, but they are not up to the performance of a GTS. I would consider a Radeon, but how good are VE versions?

On the other hand, I could wait for a while until GF3s come down in price, or Radeon 2 comes out. I wouldn't mind using the good old MX for a while longer.

My new system is:
Duron 800 (to be at 7.5x133)
Asus A7V133
Maxtor 7200rpm drive
448mb PC133
12x DVD

What do you think then? Wait for a while, or upgrade?

I won't bore you with my system specs..