Hi all,

Had a problem or two today, came to play UT for the 1st time in a while, and the display was decidedly "wobbly", anyway I alt/tabbed out and then got an error from UT which was some long winded thing but mentioned directdraw. I ran dxdiag and the direct draw test was fine until the full screen cube- the screen was just black with no cube!!. I downloaded dx80a and installed it- still same, downloaded dx8.1- same, installed latest vid drivers/4 in 1's same!!, I tested some other games and some of them just wont play now, I cant say exactly when the problem was caused as I dont play many games, has anyone any suggestions?

Abit kt7a
athlon 1 gig @ 1333 (clocked it back just incase this was the problem)
256 meg pc150
s/blaster live

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