Geforce2-Geforce2MX400 : Memory Bandwidth
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Thread: Geforce2-Geforce2MX400 : Memory Bandwidth

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    Geforce2-Geforce2MX400 : Memory Bandwidth

    What is memory bandwidht?
    Does it have any affect on 3d gaming performance?
    What is the memory band. of Geforce1?
    What is the memory band. of Geforce2 GTS?
    What is the memory band. of Geforce2 MX-400?

    My system spec:
    Abit BE6-II BX Board
    Intel Celeron 850 (100Mhz) Not Overclocked CPU
    256MB PC-100 Ram

    My Main Question is:
    What will be the difference between 64MB Geforce2 MX-400 (200Mhz, 2.7GB Mem.Band.) and GeForce2 GTS on my system?

    Thank you

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    The GTS is much faster, that is all I have to say. But you'll probably need a new CPU to keep up with the fast vid card.
    The MX is kinda sluggish, and due to low memory bandwidth, the large amount of memory doesn't make much difference.

    BTW I thought I previously read that you had a GTS (that Giants-is-slow-topic) but in anpther topic, you had a MX400. Ehh?

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    Think of it as a highway. An eight lane highway is a GeForce2 GTS and a two lane highway is a MX. More cars can travel on the eight lane highway at one time because it is wider (has a higher bandwith). While on the two lane highway which is narrower (lower bandwith) cars start to slow down and bottleneck because it simply cannot handle the volume of cars that need to use it. The stream of cars would be the information going back and forth between the vid and the cpu. This is a rather crude anlogy but I think it might get the point across.

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