Geforce256 vs. GeforceMX400 performance?
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Thread: Geforce256 vs. GeforceMX400 performance?

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    Geforce256 vs. GeforceMX400 performance?

    Hi there...
    Could someone slate me some stats on the MX400 performance compared to the Geforce256?
    Iīm just curious, cause I own Geforce256 and would like to upgrade to Geforce3, but itīs still to expensive I think. So if I could gain some speed by changing to the much cheaper MX400 I would do so......

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    This shows a good comparison between cards.

    Looks like your better off sticking with your original card.

    A good upgrade would be the Hercules 4500 64M Kyro2 card. Cheap and fast performance: GTS territory!

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