MPEG4 recording

i want:

*MPEG4 (!) Recording from TV // Video // other sources
*DVDs shown on my TV-monitor

800Mhz Amd should be enough

the videocard is most neccessary to record mpeg4 am i right ?

*MSI KT7Pro mit Raid100
*AMD Duron 800 // 850
*768MB Sdram
* Gf. MX mit Tv in / out
*videocard (dont know what, but not to expensive if possible)
*SB Life for Surround-sound
*1x IBM 20GB 7200 U/min Udma 100 (system)
*4x IBM 60GB 5400 U/min Udma 100 Raid0
*Toshiba or Pioneer 16 / 40 DVD drive
*Slimline // Desktop case 300W
*W2k SP2

to take it to the point....
*what videocard for mpeg4 recording to get smooth & good quality records ?
*which software to record ?
*if i get myself a tv-monitor with 100hz technologie, do i get better results, than a standard monitor ?
*do you have some hints for me, or links on how MPEG4 recording could be done ?