Vertical lines on screen "help"
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Thread: Vertical lines on screen "help"

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    Vertical lines on screen "help"

    Just installed a Leadtek 32 meg agp video card problem is, as soon as I turn on the PC I get vertical lines on the screen, about every 3/4 inch and about 1/4 inch wide. In windows the lines arte narrower but are still 3/4 inch apart. I made sure everything was seated correctly. Any body know what my problem is? Thanks for the replies in advance

    Asus K7M
    Athlon slot A 750@900
    Micron PC133 256 meg memory
    Maxtor 45 gig ata100 7200 rpm
    Radius 20 inch trinitron tube monitor
    USR 56k hardware modem
    Soundblaster Live value
    Plextor 12/10/32A burner
    Creative 52x cdrom
    Antec 300 watt PSU

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    First thoughts would be that you have a bad vid card.
    Esp if the prob is apparent during boot up, before windows loads.

    Either that or there is some major hardware conflict going on!
    Have you tried it with things at default speeds. CPU, memory cas, lower AGP, etc?

    Have you set bios up for the geforce?

    Video bios shadow Disabled
    System bios cacheable Disabled
    Video bios cacheable Disabled
    Video ram cacheable Disabled
    AGP aperture size 64 or higher
    PCI/VGA palette snoop Disabled
    Assign IRQ for VGA Enabled

    P3 800e @ 1088 with water cooling
    BF6 Mobo
    Asus 8200 GF3
    256M HSDRAM
    Santa Cruz
    Iiyama Pro450
    Soltek DRV5
    Corsair PC2700 cas2
    GF4 Ti4400
    Santa Cruz
    Barracuda IV
    Iiyama Pro450

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