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Thread: What's your graphics card history?

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    Jan 2000
    Albuquerque, NM
    Geez, Moraelin! There's nostalgic and then there's ancient history . I didn't even have to know that stuff when I took the outdated A+ Certification exam!

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    Apr 2001
    for my main PC;
    A sis 256 KB "thing"
    2mb EDO S3
    4mb sgram Matrox Mystique 220
    16mb Creative TNT
    32mb SDRAM Elsa Erazor X

    For all my other PC's;
    almost all named above
    16MB Winfast TNT 2 Vanta
    and a lot of crappy things I cant remember from VLB to AGP slot....

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    Oct 1999
    20 monochrome cards
    svga 256kb
    mach64(1mb)oh hèll yeah!!!
    an 8mb ati(forget the name)
    diamond monster 3dfx voodooII 8mb(best card ever for it's time)
    Viper V770 Ultra 32mb(current)

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    Aug 1999
    Aurora IL, USA
    512K? Oak ISA card back in the day

    ATI Wonder XL24, whoa! 24 bit color

    #9 Vision 330

    2meg S3 Virge

    ATI all-in-wonder

    voodoo3 2000 @ 194Mhz

    VisionTek Geforce2 mx, cheapo with no heatsink

    Radeon LE (looks and works great in my socket A system but I never could get it to work right in my son's socket 7, GA-5AX, system)

    and a couple temporary cards

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    Apr 2000
    London, United Kingdom
    hee hee, here goes...

    1. Trident 1-meg ISA
    2. STB Trio64
    3. ATi MACH64 VESA - as big as my house.
    4. Matrox Mystique 1 - still using it
    5. Matrox Millenium 1 - still using it
    6. ATi MACH64 PCI
    7. nVidia Riva128 - still using it
    8. Diamond Monster 3D (voodoo 1) - still using it
    9. Matrox G200
    10. AGP 3dfx banshee.
    11. nVidia TNT2 - still using it
    11. Voodoo 3500 - still using it
    12. Elsa Gladiac2 MX - still using it

    That's it till now

    AMD Duron [email protected] (133MHz FSB)
    Abit KT7a RAID
    DiamondMax Plus 60 - 40Gb
    Elsa GeForce2MX 32Mb SDR
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    Main PC: A64 3200+ | 1024MB Kingston RAM (Dual Channel) | WD 160GB | Seagate SATA 160GB w/NCQ | Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe | Connect3D ATi X800XL Pci-E | Coolermaster ATC-710 case | Antec NeoPower 480w PSU | Toshiba 27wl46 27" TFT

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    Apr 2000
    Bucharest, Romania
    1. S3 Trio 1MB PCI
    2. S3 Virge 2MB PCI
    3. Helios Voodoo Rush
    4. S3 Virge 2MB + Creative Voodoo2 12mb (that thing owned)
    5. Voodoo3 2000
    6. Tnt2 Ultra (oc'ed it till it died, had 5 heatsinks on it )
    7. Creative GeForce SDR
    8. Creative GeForce DDR
    9. Creative GeForce2 GTS

    Hope for a Leadtek GeForce3 next.

    AMD T-Bird 1000 @ 1500 (10 x 150) AVIA
    Epox 8K7A+ (AMD 761)
    256Mb DDR CL2 @ 155
    Creative GeForce2 GTS
    Quantum Fireball AS 40Gb
    ADi Microscan E66 19"
    AMD 1GHZ Keychain
    AMD T-Bird 1400 @ 1577 @ 1.85v (9.5 x 166) AYHJA
    Abit KG7
    OCZ Gladiator
    256Mb Crucial PC2100 [email protected]
    Creative GeForce2 GTS
    SB Audigy
    Quantum AS 40Gb
    ADi Microscan E66 19"

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    Aug 2000
    This is easy, it's all Nvidia baby;

    1:Nvidia Riva 128 8meg or something like that
    2:GeForce 256 32meg DDR
    3:GeForce 2 GTS 32meg DDR
    4:GeForce 3 64meg DDR

    All of them were great cards even the Riva was very stable and did a decent job with NFS 4 at the time.

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    Apr 2001
    Hell ( :-))
    1. ATI RageTurboPro
    2. 3Dfx Voodoo3 2000 PCI
    3. 3Dfx VoodooBanshee PCI
    4. ATI Rage128 AGP
    5. ATI Radeon 64DDR VIVO

    Yes till recently I was new to computers

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    Jul 1999
    Sarawak, Malaysia
    My first computer graphic card is a S3Virge325(2MB EDO) & still hoding on to now is a CL RIVA TNT2(32MB)

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    Sep 1999
    Muncy PA
    My first real graphics card was a Cirrus Logic VL-Bus card with 512k. Man was that thing great matched up with my AMD 486DX4-120. I could play Need for Speed in full detail! lol I upgraged that to a Trident PCI 2mb card when I got my k6. Then was my ATI Rage II M64+ in my P-233MXX. Then a TNT in my K6III-450 Then a TNT2-m64 in my 650 Athy. Last but not least is my TNT2 Ulta that I currently use and baddly need to replace! But hey it scores a blistering 2265 3DMarks in 2001.. lol ahh the mighty upgrade path..

    <<<***My Stuff***>>>
    AMD T-Bird 1GIG (AXIA) @ 1.5Ghz
    Iwill kk266 (Taisol 760)
    2-128mb Sticks/Kingmax PC-150
    2> 300w Sparkle PS's
    30 gig IBM UDMA 100 7200rpm HD
    Creative TnT2 Ultra 32mb (CRAP)
    Crative 8.4.32 CDRW
    Creative 12x DVDRom
    {Various other machines; all operating above spec}
    <<>*My Stuff*<>>
    6300 [email protected] Mhz
    ASrock 775Dual-VSTA
    2GB DDR Dual Channel
    2 WD 150 7200 Raid 0
    XFX 6600GT @ 550/1100

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    Apr 2000
    Karachi, Sindh, PAKISTAN
    Trident 512KB ISA
    Trident 1MB ISA
    Cirrus Logic 5446 2MB
    CL Annhilator Pro
    ATi Radeon 64MB VIVO
    Hercules Prophet II ULTRA
    ....waiting for Geforce3

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    Feb 2000
    Ancient history? Bah, that's not ancient history

    I didn't even mention the ZX-81. A whole 1K (yes, 1024 bytes) of RAM, _including_ the video memory. Able to display 32x24 text characters in B&W, or a mondo 64x48 graphics mode, still B&W. (Yes, 64x48, I didn't miss any zeroes there.)

    Used the CPU as a graphics chip, literally. As in: even for the screen refresh. You could either turn the display off, or run at about 1/5 of the normal speed. (Which wasn't that hot to start with.)

    Learned assembly on that thing, but you had to convert it to hex by hand. It just didn't have enough memory to run an assembler or compiler.

    And even that probably doesn't really count as ancient history.

    Moraelin -- the proud member of the Idiots' Guild
    Moraelin -- the proud member of the Idiots' Guild

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    Dec 2000
    New Plymouth, New Zealand
    - 1MB S3 Virge
    - 4MB Voodoo 1
    - 16MB Voodoo 3 2000
    - 32MB Geforce 2 MX

    Intel PIII [email protected]
    Gigabyte MB, i815 Chipset
    PixelView Gf2MX (180/180)
    256MB [email protected]
    Two Seagate 20GB 7200RPM
    SBLive Value
    Viewsonic E70 Monitor
    HP 8/4/32
    Win2K Pro SP2

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    Nov 2000
    Telford, Shropshire, UK
    1) Trident 1mb ISA
    2) S3 Virge 2mb
    3) SiS 6326 8mb
    4) ATi Rage IIc 4mb
    5) GF2 MX in one machine, SiS 730 (onboard) in another

    I won't bore you with my system specs..
    I won't bore you with my system specs..

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    Aug 2000
    Santa Cruz
    ATi Mach64 PCI (2MB DRAM) - in use a month ago!
    Diamond Monster 3D (4MB Voodoo1) - retired
    Canopus Spectra 2500 (16MB TNT1) - in use
    Hercules Prophet II (32MB GF2 GTS) - in use
    ATi All-In-Wonder Radeon - in use

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