Elsa 511PCI upgrade
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Thread: Elsa 511PCI upgrade

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    Elsa 511PCI upgrade

    I have an Emonster 800 PC with built in Intel 810e video chip.Motherboard is PCI only.I bought an Elsa 511 PCI card to upgrade the graphics.I've set bios and interrupt but all i get is a blank screen on startup.Elsa tech support say the 511 is not compatible with 810e chip! Any help would be great.

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    If that's what they say then you have 2 options.

    Buy another video card, or get another motherboard and case and take the video card back and replace it with an AGP.

    You might have to replace the floppy and the cdrom too.

    Everything else should work though.

    I would get an Intel D815efvl motherboard. And an A-Open case, Sony cdrom.

    Go to pricewatch and find out how much it would be.

    The reason You have to change the case and the cdrom is the Case is propritary.

    Of course the choice is yours.

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