Guys, what is the maximum fps you get in CS at 1024 res and what cpu and mobo you have? I have yet to install the mobo and cpu in my signature (im on a amptron m5598lmr and 500 k6-2) and get around 15 to 30 fps on it. How much you think I'll get on my new mobo+cpu combo(look at sig)? Reason i have not installed mobo is that I thought my case was big enough. Guess not so i have to wait until thursday until i get paid. Do yuo get slow downs in CS at all and if so how much?

800 Duron
128 PC133 SDRAM
Voodoo 3 3000 PCI
20 gig WD 5400 RPM
DVD-ROM Delta (I know, El Cheapo brand!)
17" IBM G72 @ 1024*768
I/O Magic Surround SC