New KYRO II Drivers. get them here...
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Thread: New KYRO II Drivers. get them here...

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    Feb 2000
    Calgary, Can.

    New KYRO II Drivers. get them here...

    Here's the link..

    T-Bird [email protected](9.5*106,1.85V)
    Abit KT7
    Hercules KYRO II 4500
    SORB Cooler (Max. CPU temp. 46C, Max case temp. 28C)
    SB 16
    Fujitsui 8.4 ATA 33
    Asus 50* CD
    LG 8*4*32 Burner
    [email protected](208*11,1.75V)
    Abit NF7-S 2.0 (BIOS 1.4)
    Radeon 8500 128mb @199mhz
    256MB Corsair XMS 3200*2
    SK-7/Panaflo 32cfm
    WD 80G-8mb cache
    Toshiba 16x DVD
    lite-on 52* Burner
    Viewsonic G90f
    Antec TP 430W PSU

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    Oct 2000
    Minneapolis, MN, USA
    Been running them since this morning.

    Gimme my TriLevel Cache
    Modded Matrox Parhelia 128mb Retail
    AGUIA Y TBRED [email protected]
    Epox 8K3A+

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