I am currently running a STB Velocity 4400. Its an original TNT card and frankly, its become an old pile of rubbish. The rest of my system has been updated (specs below). I spend most of my day looking at console screens, designing webpages and so on. Not much 3D (although virtuall all cards do 3D fine now). I am looking for something that can do high refresh rates and has an extremely clear/crisp picture. Any ideas? I was thinking of getting a Radeon All-In-Wonder since I do a little bit of video editing but I hear that the Win2000 support for the card sucks. Please let me know


==System Specs==
Asus P3B-F
512MB Corsair PC133 SDRAM
Sound Blaster Live!
2x 3COM 3C905 NICs
TI Firewire Card