Radeon woes?!
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Thread: Radeon woes?!

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    Justintime Guest

    Radeon woes?!

    seems like my OEM is dying
    oc'ed to 201/201 stock cooling for a few months, now it locks after a while of quake 3, sometime immediately, some times after a half-hour or so. reinstalled win98, use an A7pro for this one, haven't tried it on a different board, though i clocked the cpu (1.3) down to 1000, seemed fine, at 1210 1.47V now, but it's not the cpu, even at 1.3 default voltage it locks, i'm thinking maybe the voltage regulator is dying? moved pci cards, changed psu, everything, but i dunno if its the board itself, cause it dosen't seem to lock at 1000Mhz, tried a heavy duty quality 250W and a crapy 300W, thinking it's just the regulator on the board shot from too much amps pulled from the cpu? i had it once for a long while at 1430Mhz, 110FSB, dunno if the high AGP speed killed the readeon, damn damn! trying it on the new board tomorrow (replacement KT7A) anyone have this hapen to them?!


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    I've heard of problems with the radeon and Abit boards. You should check their page, there is a link to an unofficial page that tells how to solve the problem. Sumpti about changing the AGP driving speed on the Abit mobos

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    Justintime Guest
    it died luckily it wasonly the card
    the a7pro is ASUS though


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