Card Comparison. Look Here.
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Thread: Card Comparison. Look Here.

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    May 2000

    Card Comparison. Look Here.

    For all the peeps that are wondering how one card stacks up against another.

    Currently its upto 25 vid cards, and results are from Evolva, Quake3, and 3Dmark2000.

    Its not perfect, and is ran on just one P3 800 system with Win98se.

    Have a look, see what you think.

    P3 800e @ 1088 with water cooling
    BF6 Mobo
    Geforce2 GTS
    256M PC133 HSDRAM
    TurtleBeach Santa Cruz
    Iiyama Pro450
    Soltek DRV5
    Corsair PC2700 cas2
    GF4 Ti4400
    Santa Cruz
    Barracuda IV
    Iiyama Pro450

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    Apr 2001
    NY, USA
    Its good, thanks a lot!
    The specs of my life, I mean computer:
    Athlon 950MHz slot
    MSI K7-Pro
    2x128MB PC100
    WD 30GB 7200RPM ATA100
    Visiontek Geforce2-gts
    SBL 5.1
    Linksys 10/100
    Sony 19" Moniter
    Win XP

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