HELP! ATI Rage Fury Maxx 64 MB Video card!!!
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Thread: HELP! ATI Rage Fury Maxx 64 MB Video card!!!

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    HELP! ATI Rage Fury Maxx 64 MB Video card!!!

    Ok, her'es the deal... I was running FINE in WinME with my Rafe Fury Maxx on my P3-500, and I upgraded to an AMD Duron 800 on a VIA chipset. NOW, I can't get AN osrt of stable display fdrivers for the darned thing... NO display in Win98se, good display in WinME, BUT after 15-20 minutes, it crashes HARDCORE. I get a total lock down and sometimes, the computer even REBOOTS itselfAnd as anyone who has ever tried to use a R.F.M. on Win2k/NT knows, it DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.) NOW, I'm stuck using NOTHING BUT LINUX, and I nt to know how I can get 3D accelleration on my R.F.M. in Linux... Ivae seen a few forums where it mentions to set up 2 32 meg setups with dual monitor support to just run it in crippled 32MB mode, and this would be FINE & DANDY, if I could get it to work for me, and I don't really care if my graphics are crippled to 32 megs, cause at this point, 'Id like to have ANYTHING better than default PCI graphics settings available to me, OR anone wthat knows how to hack the Win drivers so thatI can use it on my VIA chipset in W'indows (and Ive already talked to ATIabout it, and they tell me thse SAME THING EVERY TIME, and it NEVER WORKS AT ALL) so now Im looking to the public for help.... PLEASE HELP ME!!!! (:

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    The brand and full model name of your mobo.
    The chipset driver version(s) that you have tried.
    The ATI video card driver version(s) that you have tried.

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    I was using a Asus A7v and had problems with 98se. I got a abit KT7a and problems solved, win2k, heck all the o/ses run smooth and stable for me. It was the mobo.


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    Mah system..

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    40x HP Scsi Cd-rom
    12x10x32x Plextor IDE Cd-RW
    Sb Live! X-gamer
    Elsa Gladiac
    10/100 NIC
    400 Watt p/s
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