Hey...just curious, but...

When I turn off my monitor (17" Gateway 2000 CrystalScan EV700), right after I turn it off, there's a rotating ellipse about the size of a dime in the center of my screen that stays there for a few seconds. Sometimes it changes in shape and size, sometimes it has a little rainbow stream about an inch long going away from it.

Is there anything wrong or is that just funky?

Athy 700@950, 1.85v, KA7-100
Home-built Plexiglas case w/300w p/s
ATi 64MB Radeon VIVO & All-in-wonder Pro 8MB
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum w/ Klipsch Promedias
Pioneer 10X DVD-ROM and Ricoh 8X/4X/32X CD-RW
IBM 34.2GB 7200RPM hard drive
256MB Crucial PC-133