Search for Cable for Voodoo3/3500
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Thread: Search for Cable for Voodoo3/3500

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    Search for Cable for Voodoo3/3500

    Help!! I have no Cable for my V3/3500 Card.
    Does anyone have such a blue Cable for Viedeo out?

    Hope the problem can be solved

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    Not quite sure about the kind of cable that you need for your V3/3500.
    If your card did not come with the included cable(s), maybe you got the OEM version.
    As I know (I once owns that too quite long time ago, so i don't quite remember), V3/3500 had multiple outputs, which are : the standard 15-pin VGA-To-Monitor Connector, a Composite (RCA) Video out, an S-Video (4-pins Mini-DIN) out, and an optional LCD display connector (separated into a daughterboard or something). Or each of the outputs, you will need a separate cables. Since you said that you're looking for a video cable, I presume that you're either looking for the composite video cable, or the S-Video cable (to see what in your VGA monitor on a Television set).

    So far, if you really need to use a TV as a monitor, and since you don't have the cable (either it is missing or not included when you first bought it) you can simply purchase the appropriate cable in almost any electronic or audio/video stores near you. Simply ask for an RCA Composite Video Cable (for the composite type) or the S-Video Cable. They should have it since it's the most common cables used in many video products such as VCR, DVD Players, Video Game consoles, or almost anything that connects to a TV.

    "err.. Mom? I guess I burned out my first TerraHertz processor..."
    "err.. Mom? I guess I burned out my first TerraHertz processor..."

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