ATI Expert 2000 32mb AGP Video Card........??
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Thread: ATI Expert 2000 32mb AGP Video Card........??

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    ATI Expert 2000 32mb AGP Video Card........??

    Is this a good card... give me the pros and cons of it. If you own one, tell me about it!



    Intel Pentium II 300MHz
    64mb PC133 RAM
    Maxtor DiamondMAX 15.3gb Hard Drive
    40x CD-ROM
    ATI Xpert2000 32mb AGP Video Card
    Pine Digital PCI Wavetable Sound Card
    Windows 98 SE
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    Justintime Guest
    fair in its day, years ago though, Geforce and Radeon will cream it in everything. have one somewhere.


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    Good standard card for business apps/general use. But terrible for (3D) gaming.

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