How is this video card?
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Thread: How is this video card?

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    How is this video card?

    Leadtek GeForce2 Ultra? The price has dropped over $60 in the past month and it's becoming a viable option for me (if the performance and quality is top notch and it's stable). Tell me what you think everyone! Thanks!

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    I know the GeForce 2 Ultra is a great card!! One of the best and fastest for 3d. Not sure exactally how the leadtek is but I think all gf2 ultra cards are great!!

    A review comparing differnet geforce 2 ultras can be found at

    The intro is kinda lame but its a good review.

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    This is a great card. My dad has one and I'm hot on his heels trying to get me one when the price gets right. How much are you finding them for? I think Leadtek is supposed to be about the best in GeForce 2 cards. He has the same MB as me but a AMD 1.33 Gig. CPU with 512 Mgs of PC133. His BenchMark 2000 Scores are over 9400. The drivers for the card has built in over clocking so you can clock it as little or as much as you like. In Soldier Of Fortune His Ultra whips my VooDoo 5 5500 bad. My graphics are as good but his frame rate is two or three times as much as mine. Lets go shopping.

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    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    Steven- thanks for that very informative site!

    lwa- is offering the Leadtek GeForce2 Ultra for $245 right now. I'm not sure if that is a reasonable price or not (anyone??) but I've kept my eye on this product for a few months now when the original price was around $300. I haven't heard anything bad about this card and I'm seriously thinking about getting one. I'm just curious what kind of Benchmark 2000 scores you get on your rig? That is a really sweet setup. I bet once you slap in that ultra you will see a really big diference in preformance. Also, has you dad had any stability problems with his Ultra? Also, do you feel that that quality of your graphics is better than you dad's ultra? Thanks again everone!

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