The following refers to a Pinnacle Rave PCTV card pci version.
I've just installed a rave pctv card into my pc. I'm having nothing but trouble with it. Firstly there was no or very poor sound. I constantly get error messages such as:

A fatal exeception has occured at 0028:E1A938 24nn VXD BT848(01) + 00005454

Followed by:

Microsoft visual C++ Runtime error
C:\program files\pinnacle\studio pctv\bin\vision.exe

at boot up i'm getting a general protection fault please restart your computer. Which basically invovlves me having to resetup windows 98 se to get back into my pc.

I know its the hardware/software but i've setup as described and i know i have the latest drivers. I've tried the card in different pci slots to no avail? I've got a feeling that it may be conflicting with my sound card. Is there a correct/recommended position for cards into pci slots?



Sys spec

Win98 se
Abit KT7A
Duron 750 oc to 950
320mb Ram
Leadtek winfast 256 DDR agp
Sonic Vortex 2 sc pci
15.2 gb HDD
Pinnacle Rave PCTV pci
Hitachi G5000 Ide
Panasonic 24x8x4 CDRW ide