geforce drivers?
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Thread: geforce drivers?

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    geforce drivers?

    Hey guys, here's my the setup. I have a PIII 850 @ 1012 on an Alpha p3125s, 119 FSB, 256mb Crucial PC133, a Guillemot Prophet 32mb SDR, all on an Abit BE6-II v2.0 mobo. My problem is whenever I run any 3D game, the screen gets tears kinda often. Nothing where a game can't be played, but enough where it's a problem. I'm using the Detonator 5's and was wondering if maybe a different version of the nvidia drivers would work better for my setup. Thanks in advance!

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    I was having that problem using the 10.xx drivers and up, so I just switch to the 6.50 and its fixed.

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