Are the manufactures that are in pricewatch is a good option?
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Thread: Are the manufactures that are in pricewatch is a good option?

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    Are the manufactures that are in pricewatch is a good option?

    I wanted to buy an Elsa Gforce GTS (Us. $219.99 @, but I whent to these site ( and realized that over there the Gforce GTS was at lover Price, but their are multiple manufacturer...

    1) Why all these manufactures sell their product at lower prices?
    2) R their video cards as good as Elsa or Asus etc.?????
    3)Which manufacturer is the best?
    4) Is u have the money to buy an Elsa, would you better go to pricewatch and buy a GTS 4 a lower price????

    Thanx 4 your posts!!!

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    Pricewatch doesn't sell anything. They're just the middleman. Vendors and retailers can publish their current prices for different items. Sometimes somebody's clearing stuff out or having a sale or something so you can get stuff for a lot less. Go to to check out the individual vendors before you buy.

    Also in case you didn't already know, Nvidia farms their chipset out to lots of different manufacturers. Some are quite a bit cheaper than the more respected names (Asus, Creative), but just remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for." In theory you're getting pretty much the same product, but in the real world those cards don't always stack up to the more expensive ones. But if you want to try it who knows, you might get lucky and get one that works great.

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    Alot of the lower priced cards you'll see on there will be OEM with like a 30 warranty, as opposed to getting retail with the original box and full warranty... It's up to you which to get but when buying call them up and make sure you know what you're getting.

    Also if I were you, I'd stick with the name brands... Elsa, leadtek, asus, creative etc.

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