Can an ATI All In Wonder record in MPEG or AVI?
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Thread: Can an ATI All In Wonder record in MPEG or AVI?

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    Can an ATI All In Wonder record in MPEG or AVI?

    my brother has an ATI All in Wonder 128 that he just replaced with a Radeon All in Wonder. he offered me the 128, and i want to use it for recording some stuff, but he said it only records in some ATI format (he wasn't specific, and i haven't gotten the card yet to check it out) but he said that he doesn't know of a way to record in MPEG or AVI format. is this possible? if so how is it done? new drivers? new software updates? i will only be using it as a TV in card, no TV out, nor will i use it as a monitor display (my 256 DDR is doing that for me) thanks guys.

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    I think it uses original MPEG (not MPEG-2), at least the All-In-Wonder Rage does it, not sure about the Radeon though. I also heard it can record in AVI. The mandatory ATI file type may be used when using ATI software, but there should be a way to convert it using software.

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    I have the ATI Rage II card and it records it with a "VCR2" codec that can only be read by my machine.
    Is there a way to capture it as a normal AVI file or converti it ???

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