I need video card suggestions for my AMD/KT133A system
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Thread: I need video card suggestions for my AMD/KT133A system

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    I need video card suggestions for my AMD/KT133A system

    I'm building a new system and here are the things I've decided on at this point:

    AMD Thunderbird 1.2 GHz (266mhz FSB)
    Asus A7V133 Motherboard
    128MB PC133 RAM

    I'll be using this computer for business purposes (checking e-mail, browsing the web, word processing, etc.) and I decide on which video card to buy.

    Obviously, I'm not going to be a Geforce2 because I don't play games at all and it would be a waste of money.

    But on the other hand, I don't want to buy some cheap video card that will cause problems in the future (incompatibility with W2K, lack of support).

    So what video card would you recommend? My budget is probably about $70.

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    I got a 1GHz Athlon thunderbird and I'm running my Hercules Prophet 2MX 32MB.
    It runs good.
    I get a 3DMark score of 5104, but I still havent installed the latest BIOS, video drivers, etc.
    So I'm expecting a bit more.
    Anyway I hope that you have bought a good Graphics card with a good system like yours.
    All the best

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    The GF2 MX seems to be your only option, of corse check out the ATI Radeon as well.

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    (OEM) ATI Radeon LE 32MB DDR $79.00



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