Hi there!
I've built the following system about two weeks ago:
Epox 8kta+
Duron 800mhz
Sb Live! Xgamer
Asus V7700 32mb pure
Windows ME
DirectX 8.0a

Everything was perfect until i decided to update my video card driver.
I tried these drivers: 6.50, 7.58 and 10.80. I sticked with 7.58 because it was faster.
The problem is that i get flickering texture in Quake III and 3DMark2000 (haven't tried 2001 yet) now. I tried to stick back to Detonator 6.50 and even the 5.33a from the Asus package and the flickering is still there.

I just found out that my Geforce and my SBLive are sharing IRQ11. Could it be related with this flickering problem?

I started to notice this when i installed quest for glory V (a game that doesn't require a 3d accelerator card) In the beggining it was OK, but then it started to crash an awful LOT and now, in adition, i get massive flickering problems.

Could it be that i have a hardware conflict because of the IRQ sharing?
Is it this quest for glory game that shreadded my computer? Should i reformat?
Any ideas?