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Thread: Who will buy the geforce 3?

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    I won't be... too much money!

    However, with it being the only fully DX8 implemented video card, you'll want(need) one to see all of the new tricks in the games coming out.

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    I think I'll get the KyroII as an interem solution and move up when the competition arrives.

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    As soon as image quality has been confirmed, and stability in an overclocked system, then this card will be mine

    Oops forgot to say its the Elsa Gladiac 920.

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    I will get a GeForce 3 late this year or early next year, i'm happy with my GeForce 2 GTS right now.

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    As I know, all of the GF3 card should be using the 3.8ns SDRAM except for Leadtek Winfast that is using the 4ns instead. Why the 4ns??
    I have just recently browsed an auction in Ebay for GF3?

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    I ll get one, but not now though, my GeForce DDR still works good... I still remember back in the day when i got it for like 450AUD and everyone was still stuck on TNT2 etc... now look at me, at the bottom of the ladder now
    I dont know... I just dont.

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    The rumour is that the GF3 reference spec calls for 4ns ram or better. This means that any card you buy could have 3.8ns or 4ns depending on what is available to the card maker at that time. For instance they are not going to halt production of cards just because they can't get any 3.8ns, mainly because 4ns will suffice at the GF3's default clock speed 460mhz DDR.

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    LOL Tang! I bought my GeForce DDR back then too heh! I paid $530AUD for mine but to be honest through the f**kups and the misery getting it finally running stable at 1xAGP on a AMD 750 chipset MB but it's still my main gaming system anbd it still kicks pretty sweet ***. At the time I new nothing about the GeForce "Issues" (Bladrunner?? )

    Yeah the time is coming though VERY soon to get my new KA (KICKASS) machine.
    I'm thinking Polomino with DUAL DDR channels (can anyone say 4.2Gbit/s data rates?) www.ebnews.com/story/OEG20010427S0084

    And the usual other high end gear, probably a GeForce 3 Pro or some such and a VERY nice monitor!

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    if i get an internship over the summer with ibm, i'll be getting one

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    Supposed to be out when in Canada?

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    Hehe, I already bought mine


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