VGA bios updates
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Thread: VGA bios updates

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    VGA bios updates

    Has anyone found that they've gotten better/worse performance from flashing their Graphic card BIOS?

    I've flashed mine to the latest possible but I'm just curious what others have found/thoughts/opinions etc.

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    What video card are you referring to specifically? A few years back, I got better compatibility with Win98 with a Rendition-based card after flashing its bios. With an Asus TNT2 card, there was a mixture of good/bad performance. With an Asus GF2 GTS, I can overclock farther with the ".13" bios with SBA off.

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    I had my Diamond StealthIII S540 overheat with the latest BIOS. Found a newer, but not newest BIOS, and put a bigger HSF on it, and all problems went away.

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    I got better performance when I flashed my Asus V7700 with the side band enabled bios. I didn't lose any stability.
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