Celeron + Geforce 2 DDR benchmarks?
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Thread: Celeron + Geforce 2 DDR benchmarks?

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    Celeron + Geforce 2 DDR benchmarks?

    Does anybody here have benchmarks or links for Geforce 2 GTS, Pro, Ultra, and Geforce 3 using a Celeron proc? I currently have a Celery/Geforce 2MX combo and I was wondering what performance I will gain when upgrade my videocard.

    Celeron [email protected]
    256MB RAM cas2
    ASUS P2-99B i440BX/ZX mobo
    ASUS 7100/T Geforce2 MX 200core 220mem
    Pentium III [email protected]
    256MB PC133 Kingston ValueRam CL2
    ASUS P2-99B i440BX/ZX mobo
    MSI Geforce3 Ti 200 @ 200/450
    Maxtor 20GB 7200 rpm hd
    ASUS 12x DVD-ROM drive

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    I think the C2 is more of a bottle neck in your system than the GF2 MX is. I have a GTS and was never really satisfied with it when I had my C2 [email protected] untill I upgraded to a P3 700. The P3 700 will o/c to 980 easily but I could get sustained FPS higher at 700 with the P3 than I could get with the C2 @936. Granted the MX will not have the bandwidth of the GTS, but worth concidering.
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