Radeon vs. Geforce2 GTS
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Thread: Radeon vs. Geforce2 GTS

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    Radeon vs. Geforce2 GTS

    I am looking to put in a new graphics card in my machine and I am hoping someone could tell me the preformance diffrence between these two cards. The Asus AGP-V7700 GeForce2 GTS Pure or the ATi Radeon 64MB DDR. Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Do a search for this and you should find plenty of information.

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    Go with the RADEON

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    win2k- gts. the radeon has iffy drivers compared to the nvidia for win2k.

    win9x-i like the radeon, but the nvidia card is good too. it depends on what you are looking for, ie the radeon has much better 2d quality than the nvidia, but it doesnt have as great 3d performance

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