Need advice on different video card
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Thread: Need advice on different video card

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    Need advice on different video card

    I want to change my video card to another one and would like to get some suggestions. The most important requirement is system stability. I need it to be able to connect vcr or dvd to it so I can capture images or video off of a vcr tape into the pc. Would a card with TV capture work?
    System is a p3-500 on slot 1 bh6 with 128meg ram, SBLive value.

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    ATI Radeon All-In-One Wonder. Providing u don't mind spending 200+

    PentiumII 400 (Deschutes Core)
    Supermicro P6SBA (BX Chipset)
    256mb NVRAM
    Geforce2:GTS @ 230/395
    15gb Seagate HDD (512k Cache)
    20gb Maxtor HDD (2mb Cache)
    LG 48x CD-ROM
    HP 8x4x32 CD-RW
    SBlive 1024 Value
    Creative FPS1500 4.1 Speakers
    Samsung SyncMaster 750s 17" Monitor
    Clevo P150HM - Intel Core i7-2760QM Sandy Bridge - 16Gb 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM - SanDisk Extreme 240Gb SSD - Radeon 6990M @ 740/1000

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    ...or the VIVO for about 150, our money. You could use the TV tuner on your VCR. It's cheaper than the A-I-W and offers superior 3D performance.

    I got one, BTW... it be so gooood.


    Opteron 144@2.8GHz (stock HS/fan), Asus A8N-SLI SE (passive NB), 1.5GB RAM (2:3:2:5, 2T), WD Raptor 740GD 74GB, Maxtor DM10 300GB, Asus EN7600GT SILENT@???, M-Audio Revo 7.1, Nebula DigiTV, Dell 2005FPW, Enermax 431W Active.

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