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Thread: Shutdown

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    Apr 2001


    I realy don't know if this is a display prob or not.
    What is happening is when i click on shutdown or restart the monitor is going off ok but the computer is still running.

    spec below.
    Be6 mobo
    celeron 600@950
    voodoo3 3000
    128meg pc133
    plextor rewriter
    unamed 32speed cdrom.
    300w power supply.

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    Sep 2000
    Virginia, USA
    you might have forgotten to set those power settings in the system BIOS.

    athlon750@850 / ka7-100
    512 mb generic 133 mhz
    voodoo3 2000 @ 197 mhz
    sb live! value
    homefree 1mbps
    toshiba DVD sd-m1202
    panasonic CDRW pcrw804
    WD 30 Gb
    windoze 2000
    1.2 Ghz + A7V133 rev 1.05
    768MB @133 mhz
    Prophet GE2MX AGP
    V3 2000 pci @ 198mhz
    sblive! value
    winmodem / homefree 1mbps
    toshiba x8 DVD
    philips 802 CDRW

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