I'm curious on people's opinions who have this card. How it performs and how well the capture works? I just picked up this card over at Best Buy for $130 with a $30 rebate for a final price of 100 (which seems to be a very good price). I was just wondering what other people's opinion on the card are to decide if I should open it and kept it or not. I know it's not the best card in the world but here are my needs.

Right now I have an ATI AIW Pro 8 MB card. Since I'm not much of a gamer this has suited my pretty much fine, but it seems somewhat underpowered. I've been wanting to upgrade to a better card but since I really want and use the TV out and capture ability of the card my only solution is to upgrade to another AIW card or keep my AGP AIW for the capture and upgrade to a better PCI card with TV out as my main.

I like the AIW 128 because it has four times the memory of my old card and is 128 bit vs 64 bit. Also, it allows me to capture in MPEG2 and I'm hoping at 640*480 (my current card supports that resolution but drops frames like crazy).

For a $100 bucks is this card a good deal or would I be better off going with another?

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