I have a Cornerstone 21/81 professional graphincs monitor I bought refurbished a year ago. Nice 21 inch display, up to 100 Hz, 1600 X 1200.

My graphics card is a Leadtek GeForce 2 GTS 64 MB Pro. Mobo KK266, 1.2 Gig tbird @ 1385 (163X8.5) 256 MB Kingmax PC150, Win98 SE.

It has worked flawlessly until the 7.52 drivers...after the 15 minutes of inactivity the monitor gives a rapid "bad signal" & goes off. I can revert back to the 6.88's without a hitch, but prefer 11.01

When I move the mouse, the video comes right back, but for 20 seconds it's vibrating like a chipmonk having an orgasm.

PM is disabled in BIOS & Windows power management scheme is off – latest motherboard & video card BIOS. Dug up the Cornerstone monitor drivers – same dif.

Everything is fine otherwise

Now, before you say, stay with the 6.88 drivers, I'm just looking for some insight, ‘cause I get better performance with the 11.01 than the 6.88’s.

I suppose this should be a lesson not to buy an obsolete monitor....but it was so cheap.

Anyone come across this issue before? Any suggestions?