Prophet II MX DDV problems...
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Thread: Prophet II MX DDV problems...

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    Prophet II MX DDV problems...

    I just upgraded from a Voodoo4 4500 PCI to a Prophet II 32MB MX DDV video card. I have been having a lot of problems due to the change from PCI to AGP and with a lot of my games also. I have Giants:Citizen Kabuto that appears to run slower with the new card than it did with the Voodoo. I dont think that this could be possible. Can anyone explain what your suppose to do when you get a new card, what you have to change as far as system settings. This is the first time I've changed a card since I built the system, so...

    Athlon 1Gig
    Abit KT-7 RAID
    128MB RAM
    Prophet2MX 32MB DDV AGP
    Sound Blaster LIVE!
    (2) Maxtor 20.7 7200
    Creative Labs 52x CD
    Pioneer 16x DVD
    Microsoft Optical Mouse
    Altec Lansing ACS54 5pc.

    *have an extra Voodoo 4500 PCI, anyone interested???*
    DFI LANparty UT-DR SLi
    Athlon64 3000+ @2.5Ghz(Venice)
    2GB Mushkin PC3200
    Twin PNY 7900GTX's SLi
    Audigy 2/Logitech Z560's
    21" Gateway Widescreen LCD
    22" Gateway Widescreen LCD

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    I have nearly the same system you do. I upgraded from a voodoo3 to a Prophet II mx. Did you remove the old drivers? I didn't need to but maybe that's what you should do. You should also go to and get the mx2 latest drivers. Good luck.

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    Yeah your old drivers are probably conflicting with your new ones.


    Duron 700@893
    256mb PC133 RAM
    Geforce 2 MX 186/200
    10.2 + 2.6 GB HDD's (The 2.6 I bought for $1.48)
    Creative ENSONIC 128 Sound

    Don't Tread On Me
    CPU: Athlon X2 7850 Blackbox edition o/c'd to 3400mhz
    Motherboard: Asus M2N68-AM SE2
    Memory: 4gb Kingston KVR RAM
    Video: BFG Geforce gtx 260 oc v2
    Hard Drives: 1TB Barracuda 7200.12, 500GB WD, 320GB WD, 320GB WD 250GB WD, 250GB Seagate
    Case: APEVIA X-CRUISER-BK Black Steel case
    Power Supply: OCZ 700W StealthXStream Power Supply
    Optical: 22x LG DVD R/W

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    I had the same problem go to

    and download the latest drivers this should help

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