I have been experimenting with drivers for my Gforce 2 MX for about a week and have finaly come up with stability and performance.

All of my testing was done with 3D Mark 2000.

Using the 1080s and directx 7 I was getting 4249 3D Marks but I was getting strange colors on objects in games. Also, I would loose some resolution settings and my resolution would drop if I clicked on the advanced tab in my display properties.

My results were the same with the 1040 and 7.68 drivers.

I went back to the 6.50 drivers and my score went back to 3550 but games ran good and my display properties were right again

I installed directx 8.0a tonite and ran 3D Mark 2000 and got a score of 4532! That's a 982 point increase and everything works right!

I just wanted to share my results.

PIII 700
Abit BM6
17" Viewsonic E773
Antec Gemstone Case
384 mb PC 100
Global Win FOP32
32 mb Gforce 2 MX
Sound Blaster Live!
2x 30GB IBM HDs
Diamond Supra Max 56K
Kenwood True 52x CD-ROM
Plextor 12/10/32 CDRW
HP DeskJet 932c Printer
Windows 2000 Professional