Please give me a suggestion!
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Thread: Please give me a suggestion!

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    Please give me a suggestion!

    I have a K62 450mhz 128mb 10.2 GB with everithing Onboard.I have not money to change to non-onboard and want to buy a 3d accelerator card but it must be PCI. Please give me a suggestion of which buy.
    Thank you

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    Well, there are a lot of variables in that, and it would help to know more about what you usually use your computer for. Do you put a high priority on games, like Quake III or Unreal, or direct-X games? Or do you want this for DVD playback, or run high resolutions on your monitor (1280x1024 or 1600x1200)?

    And the last big question, what's your budget? The fastest PCI graphics cards run upwards of US$200...
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    I would suggest a voodoo 3 3000 PCI card. It should work quite well with your processor and won't cost an arm and a leg. Even though, 3Dfx is no more, there are very current stable drivers available. If your budget is even more constricted, I would suggest a voodoo 2 card to enhance your 3D capabilities. Should be able to find a used one for around $30 or so.
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    A Voodoo3 would be a good choice for your system. And the TNT2 PCI is not a bad idea either but Id suggest a V3 over a TNT2 for your system. And there is the PCI ver of the GF2 MX, which is little bit, expensive (around $80) but it is an option too, but better not get it if you are planning to upgrade your system soon.

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    PCI Radeon .

    Gimme my TriLevel Cache

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    I don't think your system would make the most of a Radeon or a GeForce2. TNT2 is a good idea, but if you are planning to upgrade in the near future a Radeon or GeForce2 would be alright for a while
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    Voodoo3 3000 PCI all the way!!! I've tried a TNT2 on a K6 system before and it wasnt 1/2 as fast as the voodoo....

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