Nvidia drivers Overclock hack for Win2000?
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Thread: Nvidia drivers Overclock hack for Win2000?

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    Nvidia drivers Overclock hack for Win2000?

    If any of you know a hack for win2000 that will enable the overclock function, please post the link or tell me how to do it. I am familiar with the coolbits hack for 95/98, but i can't find one for win2000.

    BTW--card is an old TNT that I know will run well over its spec speed. I will install Det 2 or Det 3, depending upon which I need to toggle the overclock.



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    im pretty sure coolbits works for win2k also, at least the version i have does

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    I have a *.reg file over here. I don't know if it's coolbits. It enables the overclocking options in the driver settings. It doesn't work for me. I don't gain anything by oc-ing the vid card with that thing. I use MSI 3D Turbo 2000 for oc-ing the vid cArd. It doesn't work on gef2 ultra's thought
    I think you can get it from the msi webby if you want it. www.msi.com.tw or sumthin like that.

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