VD5 in UK?
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Thread: VD5 in UK?

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    VD5 in UK?

    Hi all, I have a friend in the UK that would like a VooDoo 5 AGP card. He is running a K6-2 500, he was wondering if there would be any problem with my buying one over here, then sending it to him. Will if fit? What about the voltage differences between here and there...is computer hardware pretty much standard? Thanks for the help.


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    I cannot see there being any sort of problem.
    The V5 will fit into an AGP slot, so he needs one on his mobo

    The V5 uses one of the 12V/5V sockets of the power supply loom (just like what HDD's CDRom's etc use), if there isnt a spare one available the V5 comes with a 'Y' adapter to branch off another device.

    V5's are really very long so he needs to check that there is room in his case.

    If hes gonna stretch the V5's legs then he should really consider getting a faster CPU.

    Other than that I cannot think of much else, apart from the tax that customs may want to whollap him for

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    He could buy one in the UK surely? you don't actually say where you are though?

    There are other reasons why I wouldn't recommend it however, It will most likely work ok as the voltages supplied by a PC PSU are standardised worldwide AFAIK. but you would lose any warrenty, (not that I'm sure it means much with a Voodoo card now)

    The problem is his CPU which is poor for 3D gaming anyway, (K6 III or better still Athlon, or PIII is much better). Depending on what 3D card he is using now it may not show a huge improvement as the V5 "likes" 700mhz to 800mhz CPU min really to perform best.

    The other point is it is now a "dead" product so buying a V5 now could lead to it becomming "obsolete" sooner than you would hope due to lack of driver updates, (to support newer games). Unfortunately 3DFX lost the battle and has been bought, (in most part) by Nvidia.

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    As Gasman said CPU is to weak for heas V5.

    He while be very dissapointed with vUpravo na to što ti opisuješ. slika je mutna do zla boga. a joj tebi ako imaš 19" monitor.erfromances it while be only slightly faster thern Voodoo 3 when paired with K6-2 500.

    Best choice is 800Mhz Athlon and faster.

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