geforce & cpu overclocking
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Thread: geforce & cpu overclocking

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    geforce & cpu overclocking

    when you overclock your cpu, should you still overclock your geforce, or run it at default speed?

    Where's my hammer, this orb doesn't fit!
    Where's my hammer, this orb doesn't fit!

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    You should overclock everything!

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    The way things are nowadays, it would seem that sensible overclocking has no major setbacks.
    If you do things right then there should be no fears of 'FRYING' things

    BTW: A Geforce card can cope with cpu overclocking as well as vid card overclocking. It seems to be quite happy with that sort of thing.

    Geforce cards have been out for quite a while now and I havent heard of these things breaking down in an overclocked system.

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