i can't quite put my finger on it but its really weird. no system out there (that i've seen) has supported all the testes and monstered them. i've seen a Tbird 1.2 w/GF2ultra get ~3400, then got 3800 fully tweaked (new drivers manly) and someone got 4000 with a P4 1.5 w/GF2ultra, and i haven't seen any GF3 marks (liked to see one with a P4). wonder why i haven't seen a benchmark with a GF3 haven't seen one with a kyro2 either, that would be nice to see.

also some other interesting thoughts i've seen are:
1) fillrate is nothing. the diff between 800x600x16 and 1024x768x32 (for me atleast) was about 100 marks (1365 to 1269) and it probebly would not surprise me to see that the diff. between a GF2GTS (200/166) and an GF2ultra (250/220) would be just as small.

2) current TnL is only the begining of what we are going to see. what's the highest number of triangles a card can do today? 30-35 million? that will be nothing by the end of this year alone. i'm talkin 100-150 million (probebly)

3) pixel shaders: what the hell are they? i don't really know what they are, but i do think that they will be the talk of the town, like fillrate has always been. the better the pixel shader, higher the mark (and prettier too).

4) vertex shader: honestly i have no idea what this is, but i liked it how all the Neo's walked around and shot each other anyways, again something that will take over the role of fillrate.

5) why can't i play the nature game looked really really good on the demo and 2001 trailer movie
OHHHH that's right it's something only a GF3 can do
and do i remember correctly that when the GF3 was released for MAC, a demo that John Carmack showed was this very demo... how long ago was that? 3-4 weeks ago? funny how this demo was pretty much ready back then, but for some reason was held back till yesterday (march 13 2001)
and yet we still dont have any GF3 marks for this.

just something that i've been thinkin' about.

*edit* score or 1.2gig tbird

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