GeForce3 Frequently Asked Questions
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Thread: GeForce3 Frequently Asked Questions

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    GeForce3 Frequently Asked Questions

    Following the GeForce3 Performance FAQ, we've put together here more Frequently Asked Questions for GeForce3.

    1. Why it cost much more to make a GeForce3 board than GeForce2 Ultra?
    2. Who should buy GeForce3 immediately the moment it is available?
    3. What is the maximum amount of frame buffer the GeForce3 supports?
    4. How much power does the GeForce3 consume?
    5. How many pins on the GeForce3 chip?
    6. Will be there a Quadro3 i.e. professional version of GeForce3?
    7. What is the target estimated selling price for GeForce3 board?
    8. At present, can we preview those never-before-seen visual effects in games 6+ months away that taking advantage of GeForce3?


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    Yeah I saw a link at 3d Chipset I think. I should be able to help inflate it pretty soon that's if Chris Hill hasn't taken a contract out on you by then

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