How much memory should select for GeForce 2Mx in Bios?
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Thread: How much memory should select for GeForce 2Mx in Bios?

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    How much memory should select for GeForce 2Mx in Bios?

    I recently installed a nVidia Geforce 2MX 32mb card into an Abit BE6 mb. At bootup, I have the abilty to enter the bios setup and select the amount of ram the AGP card has access to. It defaults to 64. The next increment is a 2x multiple or 128 and then 256.

    I've read somewhere that I should select the 256 (btw, I've got 256 pc100 installed). If I select a large number, will the ram be available to other programs after I quit the game or running in the background? What, exactly, does setting this parameter do in the computer?

    Questions, questions, questions. As usual, any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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    Leave it at 64M
    The only thing that I know of that benifits from having it set higher is 3DMark2K (64M texture test).
    Games will use the 32M of vid card memory, which is a hell of a lot faster than system memory, and will only access the system memory if neccassary. (spelling??)
    But in most games etc.. you would have to be running with the graphics settings cranked up high for this to happen.
    But hey, at least there are a 'few' ways round this.
    Q3: Use texture compression.
    UT: Use openGL renderer with s3tc.

    This may change however as more and more games are coming out with flashier graphics. And vid cards are being made with 64M and even 128M of memory.

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