As all you know DDV stands for Dual Display Video.. well now i got that over and done with, i bought one the other week, took all the usual precautions etc when installing, (installed onto a AX63 Pro MoBo) -ps is that a good board?, i got it middle of last year. anyway this board was a dud and i finally got my replacement yesterday,now, can this card do anybetter than 800x600 in clone mode?, i mean if i want to play games through the tv, even jus random things throught it,at the moment i have to resise my desktop screen to 800x600 to get stuff centred on the screen, dunno bout you but this is really gay, i mean whats the ****ing deal who uses 800x600 anymore, even with my old TNT2 i ran **** in 1024x768, (i mean who in their right mind has their desktop at anything below 1024x768?, really?) and if this board cant even do that i'll be disapointed, p.s. heres my specs

MoBo: Aopen AX63 Pro
Vid: Hurcules 3dProphet MX 2 DDV
Snd: SB Live! + 2 Subs + 4 Sattelites
CD: 8x Creative + 8x4x32x LG CDW-R
Mon: LG 17in
+ some other useless crap
any help would be life saving, otherwise i'll chuck it out, jus cos its annoying

- what do you mean u think my cars ****, i know... i know