I'm building a new system based on an Abit KT7A Raid / T-bird setup, and need some advice on which video card to go for.

I notice a serious swing towards the GeForce2 MX cards in this forum, but am wondering if that's really the one to go for for my purposes.

I'll be using my system primarily for graphic design work, image manipulation and web design, with occasional CAD work. I intend to get a second monitor in the future too. A good 2D performance is therefore vital to me. I don't play games (other than my 1971 Pong emulator for DOS), so I'm not too concerned about 3D performance. Indeed it's probably the case that any contemporary card will be adequate for my 3D needs.

What else should I be looking for in the performance of a video card?

The two cards that are catching my attention just now are:

Matrox Millenium G450 32MB DDR AGP Dual Head
Asustek GeForce2 MX V7100/2V1D 32MB AGP Dual Monitor

Both cards come in at about 120 here. I am aware that the GF2MX provides far superior 3D capabilities to the G450, but that doesn't bother me too much. I notice the G450 has DDR ram, while the V7100 only has SDram. Is this significant, and is the trade off between RAM and 3D capabilities worth it?