Stealth III S540 32MB PCI
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Thread: Stealth III S540 32MB PCI

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    Stealth III S540 32MB PCI

    I have the stealth 3 s540 video card and it's been a pain in the bottom since the day i bought it. Anyone else had problems and found a good resolution?

    Incase you need to know, I have tried:
    Exchanging the card twice!!!
    Formatting HDD.
    Formatting again with only video card installed.
    different motherboard with pentium 233.
    BIOS settings recommended.
    Latest flash for video card.
    Latest flash for motherboard.
    different PCI slots.
    different computer all together PII 450 64ram.
    Direct X 6.x 7.0 8.0.
    different video card for a while, then s540.

    The following is the list of drivers tried:
    savage4 82033 16 and 32 bit versions.
    stealth 3 82021
    stealth 3 82016
    stealth 3 82011
    stealth 3 81024
    Original cd-rom drivers

    and a few drivers (which seemed to work better) that diamond reps had never
    heard of when they had me check the versions

    Symptoms of failure (None of which appear with my other card):
    DDhelp errors in module stl50032.dll
    Freezing on any sort of video playback
    Freezing during any direct x application

    windows just coming up to the desktop and then being at the POST screen

    dxdiag reporting that there is no accelerator card available in the system
    OR if it detects the card, then it only reports 1mb vram.

    This one i didn't see last time, but it was the first sign of failure on
    the new card. When in display settings, clicking the advanced button
    makes the screen go blank. however using key combinations to perform
    actions in windows assures me that the system is indeed not frozen. This
    only occured on a few of the drivers.

    If anyone has any ideas on what my problem is, please let me know.

    Current system config:
    Duron 700
    64MB pc100
    WD 7200 20.5GB
    Sound Blaster Sound card built into the MB
    Gigabyte 7GX
    no overclocking at all
    win 98 se
    acer 6x4x32xCRAPPY
    4mb riva video (cause s540 won't let me online before lockup)
    VIA Chipset
    Sony GDM-20seII(cost 200, hehe, msrp 1,999)


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    I remember having that card. What fun!

    There is only one solution.... Get a new Vcard!

    I went to Voodoo 2 2000, then to TNT2 M64, and now I'm at Voodoo3 3000. There ALL sooo much better than the Stealth.

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    I have the s40extreme AGP version and it works fine. You probably should get a new card. Mine is on its last crappy leg too.

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    I have a PCI SS540. I first tried to put it into a machine with a "TX-Pro" chipset and a K6-2 CPU. That was an utter failure. I then put it into a system with a BX chipset, and a PII CPU. It has worked like a champ, under both NT4.0 and W98 since.

    Overall though, it isn't really a great card, and it would be cheap enough (and a whole lot easier), to replace it with a V3, TNT, or GF2/MX card. For cheap and reliable I haven't found anything to beat a V3/2000 if you can still find one.
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    The AGP version worked fine for me until it was replace by the MX. I've heard that the PCI version has serious compatibility issues.

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    It may sound ridicoulous, but a friend of mine solve its problems with that board installing Win ME. Don't know if it's a PCI or AGP model however. And don't know if ME instalation is worth that.

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