I've recently purchased the Asus 7100 2V1D dual head display card, and that is the beginning of my nightware. I've tried to spent the last 48 hours locating drivers to use this card under windows 2000, because the drivers that come with the card simply doesn't work properly.

I've tried the "official" reference drivers from nVidia 6.50, and the option for the 2nd monitor or twinview is still grey out under windows 2000. I've tried a lot of the unofficial versions of the detonator range from version 6.xx ~ 7.xx and even the 10.x, and still it seems that the twinview doesn't function. Finally, I've tried the 6.49 version from Asus, and the "clone" mode is running, but that is useless, I want the extended desktop function to work, otherwise I couldn't use my 2 monitor efficiently.

Have anyone ever got the twinview up and running with this Asus 7100 Gforce2MX (2V1D) card??? Can you please give me some indication on which drivers I need to install??

The machine I am having trouble has the following config :-
* AMD Duron 800MHz
* ABit K7TA Motherboard with the VIA133A chipset
* the VIA service pack I've installed is version 4.28

I guess the other hardware details are not
important, so just skip it...

Really appreciate if anyone know how to get
this up and running, it is really annoying to waste so much time after I upgrade just the graphics card alone... and I need to run
windows 2000, so I haven't checked whether it
works with windows 9x or ME, and that doesn't concern with either.

Thanks for any suggestion in advance :-)