Ram Heatsinks..Where ??
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Thread: Ram Heatsinks..Where ??

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    Ram Heatsinks..Where ??

    hi guys..just wondering,i have seen a ton of post about u guys adding ram sinks to the geforce cards..i have been searching far and wide with no luck...where can a guy find some that are already made for the ram on my asus geforce DDR ???? i just ordfered my blue orb hs/fan for it 2 days ago,should be here in the next 2 days,im ready to turn this baby up,and was thinking the ram sinks would only help matters..also,i read a few
    places that the blue orbs dont fit right on the geforce(after i ordered it)i bought some heat sink compound from radio shack today..will that alone hold hs/fan in place,or do i need something else...i read that fragtape only makers it get hotter??thxc in advance for ur help

    is it hot yet?
    is it hot yet?

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    i think you can get them at the overclocking store.co.uk

    good for watercooling

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