Voodoo 3 drivers not working.
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Thread: Voodoo 3 drivers not working.

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    Voodoo 3 drivers not working.

    Hi, hopefully someone can help me out. I recently installed the original video drivers that came with my Voodoo 3/2000 over the newest 1.07 drivers that I already had installed. The install seemed to work fine, but 3dfx tools were nowhere to be found, and games would not run. I tried completely removing all traces of the drivers and reinstalling, but to no avail. I then installed the 1.07 drivers back in, and while most things seem back to normal, games that use OpenGl don't work. Any 3dfx owners out there have any ideas? (I've also installing WickedGL, but games won't use the drivers properly)

    Celeron 500 Compaq (???) Motherboard
    192 Mb Ram 15 Gb HD Voodoo 3/2000 PCI
    P.s I have DX8 installed

    Intel Core2Duo 6600 Retail
    Asus P5B 965 Mobo
    2x 1 GB Samsung DDR2-667
    MSI Geforce 7900 GTO 512 Mb
    Western Digital SATA II 250 GB 16 Mb 7200 RPM
    LG 16x DVD-RW
    Enermax 535 W PS
    Antec P180
    Windows XP PRO

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    Go here: http://www.omegacorner.com/
    Click on the 3dfx link, scroll down and click on "Learn how to install any of these drivers". It explains how to work around the Tools problem and gives really good info on cleaning out old drivers. He's also got some good "mixed" drivers for V3/4/5 cards.

    PIII 650@787 on Abit BF6
    128MB PC100
    Inno 3D GF2 MX
    Diamond Monster Voodoo 2
    SB Live Value
    PII 400 on Soyo SY-6BA+IV
    64MB PC100
    V3 2000 AGP
    Aureal Vortex

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