Possible for 2 video cards, 1 AGP and 1 PCI w/ TV-in?
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Thread: Possible for 2 video cards, 1 AGP and 1 PCI w/ TV-in?

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    Possible for 2 video cards, 1 AGP and 1 PCI w/ TV-in?

    I want to use my monitor as cctv monitor, can I add another PCI video card w/ tv-in to my system w/ ATI rage IIc? Any known conflicts? What brand of video card w/ tv-in is recommended? What software can be used to view what the cctv camera captures?

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    Yes, I think you can, bernadette- I'm looking to do the same right now ATI's AIW series are the only ones that seem to be up to par to the task. I'm not sure about all the cctv software though, I'm new to this too

    Unless you have win2k, then there are some issues with the older AIW cards. But if you've got a modern mobo (that allows bios to default your AGP card as primary) and win98 or Me, it's supposed to be an easy install!

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