Voodoo5 6000 vs. GF2 Ultra's Results
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Thread: Voodoo5 6000 vs. GF2 Ultra's Results

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    Voodoo5 6000 vs. GF2 Ultra's Results

    The development of Voodoo5 6000 had gone through several observable changes.On the first demo sample (Fig. 1), collocations of 4 VSA-100 chips were found entirely different comparing to that of the original design (Fig. 2). In November 2000, 3dfx display the final version on which the Intel PCI-to-PCI bridge chip that had been on there before is replaced by a HINT PCI-to-PCI bridge chip (Fig. 1).
    From the above results, it can be know that Voodoo5 6000 is no over +5% faster than GeForce2 Ultra, while it has been show that there will be at least a +25% performance lead of NV20 over GeForce2 Ultra in the NV20 preview. So it should be more smarter to wait for a just coming NV20 than rush out to bid that Quantum 3D Voodoo5 6000 PC (if it was there) at eBay.

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    Ugh... Sorry to bring reality into this but 3dfx is dead. Down in the ground, with dirt on its head. And the Voodoo 6000 never really lived even before that.

    Quantum are making specialized computers, not your average, run of the mill, Quake III or Counter-Strike rig. And sure enough, last I've seen the price tag fully reflected that. You'd have to be insanely rich, insanely stupid, or (most likely) both, to pay that kind of money for a gaming rig, no matter how much faster it is than the Ultra or than the NV20.

    So, well, what I'm saying is that here and now it's pretty much irrelevant how the Voodoo 6000 would have performed.

    It's a pity that 3dfx died, not because they were 3dfx, but because it proved that taking the time to fully test and debug, and making GOOD QUALITY products doesn't pay. And that rushing buggy solutions out the door every 6 months is the real way to go. But, as I've said, they're dead. Time to face that reality.

    Moraelin -- the proud member of the Idiots' Guild
    Moraelin -- the proud member of the Idiots' Guild

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    Well duh, Moraelin. It even says so in the article. Who cares if 3DFX is dead, it's still an interesting card to read about. If you study a little history (successes or failures), it can help shape the future.

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    3DFX is not dead; they are in a coma ;-)

    they still have the rights to their gigapixel technology and their Rampage technology.

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