what card is good for DVD's?
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Thread: what card is good for DVD's?

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    what card is good for DVD's?

    I know that all the top end Geforces and such can handle DVD's, but I'm building a computer for a friend, and was wondering if there was a cheaper solution than getting a geforce?

    this computer won't need any 3d capabilities at all... is there a specialized card just made for DVD's, that I can get for less than i'd pay for a geforce?

    on the other hand, if i just get onboard video (i810) on a say MSI mobo, would that be able to handle DVD's?


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    yes u can pick up dvd decoder cards for around 20 or u could buy a cheep ati card they offer good dvd playback

    go to http://pub24.ezboard.com/bultrabytecomputingforum
    allways happy to help

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    If no 3D capability is necessary, get a Matrox G450DH 16mb. They are available for as low as $71 on pricewatch. They have by far the best 2D quality and great DVD playback. Not even close in 3D, though.

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